"It's all about spring"
scented candle

"It's all about spring"
scented candle



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The main collection of Soleil de nuit scented candles is composed of 4 glass jars of 180g (two of which are available in 500g), modern and refined with a progressive cameo and scents between lightness and intensity.

They are made from fragrances from Grasse, the world capital of perfume, a 100% natural wax for optimal diffusion of the perfume and a cotton wick for efficient combustion.

180 grams candle 1 wick: 50 hours of burning time

Size: 9 cm high / Diameter: 7.6 cm

4 seasons, 4 colours, 4 scents, 4 music playlists, an invitation to travel and memories...

Discover the "It's all about spring" candle

" From the garden where you are standing, a deliciously refreshing breeze blows with the scent of freshly cut grass, marine notes like sea spray and a floral, powdery dimension. This sweet fragrance will arouse your curiosity ".

Top notes: Mimosa, Iris, Ylang-ylang, Lemon

Middle notes : Marine notes, Violet leaf, White flowers

Base notes: Heliotrope flower, Yellow flowers, Amber


This candle is accompanied by a personalised lounge-style playlist that mixes modern and old, inviting you into its world.

The playlist is accessible via a QR code to be scanned inside each packaging.