Instructions for use for scented candles

Soleil de nuit candle


The first and most important step is to light your candle. Make sure the wick is straight, and no longer than 1cm.
All our wicks are cut to the ideal length for the first lighting.

Once lit, we advise you to leave your candle lit for at least 1 hour / 1.5 hours for the 180g and 2 hours for the 500g, so that the first layer of wax melts evenly.

In this way, your candle will not sink (no loss of product) and will burn in a linear manner.

However, there is no maximum time for the candle to burn. Be careful, however, because after 2.5 hours your candle will burn out more quickly.

The maximum burn time for our 180g candles is 50 hours and 70 hours for our 500g candles.

Our 1.5 kg limited edition size lasts 150 hours.

When extinguishing, to avoid the slight smell of smoke, do not blow out your wick.
Extinguish it with a snuffer, or simply dip the wick into its melted wax, using the wooden end of a match for example.

Finally, the best way to reduce the build-up of soot on the sides of the candle is to maintain the wick by cutting it regularly with a wick cutter to a length of about 5-6 mm.

Now you have all the information you need to take care of your candle!